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In competitive markets, having an ongoing relationship with trusted advisors who can both inform business strategy and help optimize its execution gives businesses a distinct advantage. The research and insights these advisors provide about buyers and competitors can guide more informed business actions and support the creation of more relevant GTM assets to ensure successful execution of the business strategy.

TechTarget and Enterprise Strategy Group™, TechTarget’s integrated strategy, research, advisory and validation division, focus on helping clients achieve better business outcomes by more completely addressing their unique go-to-market challenges. Across their GTMs, clients turn to us for help with strategy, product development, competitive insights, persona validation, and content creation and execution because of the high-quality and actionable range of services we provide.



Unique experience in product development, marketing and sales enablement

Enterprise Strategy Group’s annual advisory program includes access to a deep library of tech market intelligence and a team of market analysts who bring unique perspective from their hands-on experience in product development, marketing and sales enablement. They understand the problems their clients must solve, and they leverage our detailed demand-side research and TechTarget’s proprietary buyer intent data to identify market trends, competitive dynamics and buyer triggers critical to tech businesses. These experts help ensure a client’s strategy and execution are aligned by providing actionable insights that can be combined with our extensive custom content creation and enablement services to deliver better results.

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