Actionable strategic insights

Strategic Buyer Insights (SBI) reports combine industry-leading research and proprietary behavioral data to inform and strengthen your GTM strategy. With a focus on buying team profiles, content consumption patterns and competitive dynamics, these customized market analyses provide actionable recommendations and answer questions based on a specific objective or upcoming campaign – in a useful written format with consultative discussion.


of organizations say that senior roles are more involved during the later stages of the purchase process.


Better alignment, end-to-end

An SBI report can quickly make your strategic teams smarter and more effective. Likewise, it will help you align executional teams and fuel better tactics as your programs roll out. Used both for planning and continuous optimization, SBIs inform your GTM, end-to-end. 


UEM stats

Active Accounts


accounts researching Unified Endpoint Management on the TechTarget network in the last 90 days


# of Prospects


Unified Endpoint Management prospects actively researching in the last 90 days 


Total Activities


total activities around Unified Endpoint Management these accounts in the last 90 days



Clarity around evolving ICPs

With more dynamic market input, you can pressure test your existing ICP thinking and update it as necessary with information about emerging buyer types.

Real buying center understanding

Rapidly changing markets and prospects mean historical models are always incomplete. By leveraging dynamic behavioral data, you see changes as they happen and can adjust faster.

Media Consumption and Vendor Engagement Study

Detailing the Post-Covid Buyer’s Research Journey


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Accurate pain points and specific points of entry

Essential for building engagement angles, intent data at the individual level tells you exactly who key personas really are, what they care about and even how they’re responding to competition.




Better positioning, messaging and content inputs

Fresh facts direct from the buyers that comprise your market mean you can position based on their known preferences, message based on their demonstrated interests and build content that delivers better on their specific buyer needs.

Actionable answers to critical questions

Our experts help you understand what’s happening now – and why that matters to your business.

  • Who is in market now for your solutions and who should you be targeting to grow?
  • Are you positioned in the market most effectively to win?
  • What themes are resonating with buyers in your market? What other technologies?
  • How are competitors acting and how should you respond, if you choose?
  • What is required of you to stay relevant or to become top-of-mind?

Insights, customized for you

Strategic Buyer Insights are custom built for you, leveraging expertise from Enterprise Strategy Group™ (ESG) analysts and TechTarget market specialists. Your team receives a detailed 90-minute presentation and written report. SBIs focus on four critical GTM areas:

  • ICP and buying team profiling of accounts and people currently in market
  • Content consumption patterns among these buying audiences and the specific content that is resonating with them
  • Competitive dynamics including how buyers are interacting with in-market messages
  • Actionable recommendations from ESG analysts on next steps relating to your GTM strategy.

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